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LAB 3 Studio Design

LAB 3 Studio Design presents itself as a laboratory of ideas, born from the professional meeting of two interior designer, Gianpiero Brunelli and Michele Volpi. Passionate about their work, over the years they have expanted thier professional experiences, presenting themselves in the most varied sectors, such as the residential sector, public places and shops, SPAs, hospitality, outdoor, all with the aim of being able to expand their own offer and related service.

The studio, thanks to the strong passin of the owners, also proposes itself as an organizer of events related to the profession, such as Art and Design events.

Interior designer

Gianpiero Brunelli

Since the 90s he is in the interior design sector, he develops interior projects for residential, hotels and offices, shops and exhibitions spaces with works realized in different parts of Italy and abroad including Milan, Pavia, Lodi, Taormina, Giardini Naxos, Lucca, Forte dei Marmi, La Spezia, Torino, Lecco, Lugano, Chiasso.

In addition to the field of interior design, he also works on projects for artistic events on behalf of public bodies, cultural associations and individual artists, with important events organized in different parts of Italy.

He also made design objects and also creates works of art ranging from painting, to sculpture and installations.

He has been a member of AIPI since 1994 –  Italian Association of Interior Designers, in which he held various positions and is currently a board member in the role of vice president.

Interior designer

Michele Volpi

Resident in the province of Florence, interior designer by vocation, was born professionally in the field of design and production of custom-made furniture and exhibition stands, working exclusively for some specialized companies operating in the sector. In 2000 he opened his own professional studio in Campi Bisenzio, (FI), applying his knowledge to the whole area of interior design and especially in the restructuring and customization of commercial activities and private homes. The studio’s achievements range from the residential sector, public premises, entertainment venues, beauty centers and Spa, shops, showrooms and offices.

His passion for art has led him over the years to create and realize artistic and professional events at the most varied locations both in the public and private sectors, creating the conditions for an expansion of his field of work intervention.

Registered, in 2002, to AIPi, Italian Interior Designers Association.

Interior Designer

Stefano Bergami

With a studio in the province of Bologna, interior designer enrolled in the AIPI Italian Association of Interior Designers, for which he had in the past the position of Director of the National Board and contact person for the Emilia Romagna Region.

He began the profession of interior designer in 1992 dedicating himself to the care of the concept of commercial activities, shops, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and trade fairs.

In the 2000s, it specializes in the residential sector and today it is the main activity, while also exercising in the commercial, food and non-food sectors, show rooms, offices, entertainment venues, dehor and garden design.

Today, in addition to carrying out the profession of Interior Designer, he is active as a project consultant for companies engaged in various sectors throughout the national territory. Since 2008 Driven by a passion for scenic emotion, he has collaborated as a consultant and set designer, with operational structures in the show, theater and entertainment sectors, also organizing events in general.

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